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A Hindu Online Research Initiative provides in-depth research, resources and analysis of Hinduism. The site covers everything from the Hindu scriptures and philosophies, to culture, history, and science, with online research papers, a digital library, and much more.
Bahá'í Library Online contains digital versions of both primary and secondary writings on Bahá'í, as well as additional on-line and multi-media resources.
The Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library provides a wealth of information and resources in the fields of Buddhism and Buddhist studies.
DharmaNet International provides a wide selection of information and teachings on Buddhism, as well as practice resources, in-house databases and collections. provides online news, analysis, reports, publications and other resources focused on Islam in North America and Europe.
The Graphe Foundation collects and produces digital texts for hundreds of classic works of Christian theology and makes them available upon request.
Jainism: Jain Principles, Tradition and Practices, provides numerous links to sites with Jain religious texts, songs, and prayers, as well as sites dedicated to Jain culture, heritage and regional rganizations.
The Jewish Studies Research Guide, hosted by the University of Delaware Library, is a comprehensive guide to research and resources. Their site provides links to websites, libraries, databases, e-journals, e-books, regional resources and more., hosted by the Claremont School of Theology, provides access to more than 6,000 articles and chapters, as well as some fullly digitized text, written by recognized religious scholars. Topics cover history of religion, Old and New Testament, theology, ethics, communication and cultural studies, homiletics, and many more subjects.
The website for the Alwaleed Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University provides a section of online resources, including reports and articles, related to Islam and Muslim cultures.
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