AEI provides online access to research and policy studies on issues of government, politics, economics and social welfare.
The Cato Institute is a public policy research organization in the U.S. that provides online access to studies, commentaries, books, articles, multi-media resources, and more, on a wide range of public policy topics.
The IPPR is a UK progressive think tank, whose research covers a broad range of local and national policy debates. Their site provides access to their research work, articles, and other publications.
ISN provides open access information services focused on, and facilitates policy debates about, international relations and security studies. Their site has a digital library, publications and other information resources.
CIS is a research institute in Australia that provides online access to research and publications on public policy issues, including issues related to economic, social and foreign policy.
The DailySource aims to provide the public the information they need to make solid decisions about what policies to support and to become more aware of key trends affecting the world. They handpick the top items from over four hundred news sources to try and provide clarity and quality in news.
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