The Vegetarian Site provides a list of companies that test on animals, as well as the associated brands.
Free2Work provides grade ratings to companies in a variety of industries to help you, the consumer, understand if your products are being produced by slave labor. They also provide a wealth of information on the situations plaguing particular industries so you can understand the contributing factors to human-trafficking in the supply chain.
The Buyer's Guide, compiled by the Human Right's Campaign, provides a review of a business's workplace policies toward LGBT employees. It is also available as an app for your iPhone or Android.
The Chocolate List, researched by the Food Empowerment Project and downloadable as a free app, is a a great resource for finding chocolate that does not involve the enslavement of human or non-human animals.
The Humane Consumer provides links to truly humane brands and organizations, so that conscientious shoppers can know the effect their spending has on the lives of animals.
The Leaping Bunny Shopping List provides lists of companies that meet the Leaping Bunny standard for animal-friendly products. The Leaping Bunny standard is the product of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics .
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