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FAQS | WorkerAnts

How can I edit my organization’s page?

If you are the founder, manager or authorized representative of a non-profit organization and you see it listed on WorkerAnts, you just need to click the “Claim Your Organization” button in the middle of the page.  Once you have claimed your organization, you will be granted administrative rights to the page and will be able to update the organization’s description, add a logo, post events, reply to reviews and more. If you see that someone else has already claimed your organization, please contact us immediately.

How should I respond to a review?

Excellent question. Your response to a review is a valuable way to share your vision and to encourage more people to take an interest in your organization.  Since your response will be visible to anyone reading the reviews on your organization’s page, here are a few of general suggestions:

  1. Be considerate of the reviewers point of view and always respond professionally. We recommend thanking reviewers for the time they took to provide feedback.
  2. If there are any points in the review that are generally applicable to your larger audience of supporters and volunteers, try to address those points as well as any specific matters raised by the reviewer.
  3. If the review was negative, try to address specific concerns and, if possible, note what you have done, or will be doing, to resolve any issues.  Focus on the concerns that also would affect your other supporters or volunteers
  4. Don’t forget to emphasize the positive points in the review!

Will you remove negative reviews that are posted about my non-profit?

We understand the importance of your organization’s reputation.  WorkerAnts strives to encourage open discussion  between all members of the non-profit community and for that reason, WorkerAnts will not generally remove a review. WorkerAnts does, however, reserve the right to remove a review or staff response at any time for any reason. We expect all of our users to follow our Terms of Use Agreement and those in violation will be removed.

Can I encourage people to write a review?

Please do! We encourage you to reach out to your volunteers, supporters, clients, board members, donors and partners to write a review about your organization.  Since users will be looking at the totality of information about your organization when forming an opinion, we firmly believe that you should encourage those who have worked with your organization and support your cause to tell others about their experiences with you.  We do request that people who currently work in a paid position for the organization refrain from writing reviews about the organization.

Here are some suggestions for encouraging reviews.

  1. Send an email to your volunteers, clients and other supporters, requesting a review based on their experience with your organization.
  2. Post a request for reviews on your Facebook, My Space, Twitter or other social networking accounts.
  3. Post a link to your organization’s page on your website and in your newsletters.

Is there a special type of account for non-profit organizations?

While organizations do not have their own accounts, founders or authorized staff and representatives of an organization can claim their organization’s page.  When someone claims an organization, they will receive the following additional administrative rights on WorkerAnts.

  1. Administrative oversight of the content of the organization’s page on WorkerAnts and the ability to add a business logo and a description of the organization.
  2. The ability to post news, upcoming events and other information on their organization’s page.
  3. The ability to authorize 1-3 other members to act as administrators of their organization’s page and to use the organization’s name in posts.
  4. The ability to show what their organization is doing by adding photos to their organization’s page.
  5. The ability to respond directly to user reviews.

My non-profit organization is only listed in the Resources section.

Please note that not all non-profit organizations have an organization page. In some instances, this is because the organization fits more appropriately in our Resources section. If your organization is listed in the Resources section and you think it also should have its own organization page, please contact us  and we will review your request  You must be a member to suggest a non-profit organization. If you are not a member of WorkerAnts, join up here.

My non-profit organization is not listed on WorkerAnts

Let us know! At the bottom of every page there is a button to “Suggest an Organization”.  Just click on it and fill out the short form.

My organization is already listed on WorkerAnts. How did this happen and will it cost me anything to be listed on your site?

WorkerAnts lists a basic profile for many non-profit organizations that have been recommended by members or staff.  Membership is free and you can edit your organization’s basic profile once you have claimed your organization’s page. Your staff can also join for free as individual members, which will give them access to the social networking aspects of the site.

How do I report someone’s review as offensive?

Please contact us and let us know when the review was posted, for what organization and the name of the user who posted the review.  The WorkerAnts’ staff will then review the post and make a decision on whether to pull it.

Do I need permission to post one of your reviews on my website?

Not at all!  Posting reviews on your website helps spread the word about great organizations. We do ask that you attribute any quote from our site to “ member review.”

Who will read my review?

Anybody visiting the site can read your review on the organization’s page. Your review can help prospective donors and volunteers learn more about the organization.

How do I write a review?

review and click the “Write a Review” button on the right hand side of the page. Our handy template will walk you through the process from there.


Reviews are written by people who are or were volunteers for the organization or support the organization in some manner – for instance clients, partners or donors.  WorkerAnts requests that people who currently work in a paid position for the organization refrain from writing reviews about their organization.

What do the drop down choices on my Ant Feed mean?

The Ant Feed drop-down menu allows you to choose what posts you want to see.

  • My Posts = Allows you to see posts that are made directly on your Ant Feed by you and by anyone you have given the right to access your Ant Feed.
  • Neighbors and Me = Allows you to see all posts that are made directly on your Ant Feed plus all posts that your Neighbors’ have posted on their Ant Feed.
  • All Posts =  Allows you to see all posts on your Ant Feed, plus posts that your Neighbors’ have made on their Ant Feeds, plus any Projects and News updates posted by the organizations you “Dig” on our site.

How do I customize my Ant avatar?

From your Backyard page click on the large picture of the Ant in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  This will open the utility that allows you to customize your Ant.  You will need to download the Unity 3D application to your computer to run the Ant avatar customization program.

How do I close my WorkerAnts account?

If you decide to close your account:

  1. Click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of any WorkerAnts page.
  2. Send us an email with your full name and username and a note stating that youwant to cancel your WorkerAnts account.
  3. Let us know why you are leaving (optional).
  4. Click the “Submit” button.

We will process your request and you will receive a cancellation confirmation once your account has been canceled.

How do I change my username, email or password?

You cannot change your username.  You may change your email or password. On the top bar of your Backyard page click the settings icon. Your account information and security settings will appear and you can edit your email or password.

What is a Colony?

A Colony is a group of members who share similar interests.  There are Colonies for causes, locations, ideologies and more. For example, there could be a general Colony for animal lovers, a Colony for people who work with or support pet rescues in New York City or a Colony for people advocating for the spaying and neutering of pets. Members of a Colony can post comments and photos, plan events, and share resources unique to the topic that draws them together.

How do I recognize someone on the Ant Hill?

Go to the Neighbors tab on your Backyard page and click on the Neighbor you want to recognize. When you are on their Backyard page you will see the “Recognize on the Ant Hill” button on the right.  If the person you want to recognize is not yet a member of WorkerAnts, send them an invitation to join today!

How can WorkerAnts help me do research?

WorkerAnts lists hundreds of websites, databases and other resources in our Resources section so that you can easily find information for and about charities, volunteers and specific causes or issues. Colonies also contain unique listings of resources, which could be useful for your research. Check out our Resources section or search through the Colonies for a group that matches your area of interest.

The non-profit organization I am looking for is not listed.

Let us know! You may be able to earn Ant Tracks if a non-profit organization you suggest to us is later added to the site. For more information on what Ant Tracks are and how to earn them, click here.

Do I need to be a member to use WorkerAnts?

You do not have to be a member to search for organizations or resources, but for most other functionalists you do need to join.  Once you are a member, you can have your own home page (your “Backyard”), join Colonies, write reviews of organizations, earn Ant Tracks, recognize people on the Ant Hill, and more.  Membership definitely has its perks.

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