APC is an international network that helps grassroots organizations develop access to a free and open internet. They also have excellent resources related to the fight for internet freedom.
The APT offers practical tools and resources in many languages related to the prevention of torture.
The BCCLA provides publications and other information about civil rights and civil liberties in Canada at no charge.
The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion advises Canadian organizations of all types with regard to diversity, inclusion, human rights, equity and human resources. They offer a wide variety of services, including education, consulting, research and networking assistance.
The Consortium is an alliance of organizations specialized in developing and deploying anti-censorship technologies for Internet users in oppressive regimes. Their site provides research and information on matters related to Internet freedom and privacy.
MENAPAT is an Independent Expenditure-Only Political Action Committee dedicated to sharing ideas, news, events, and victories as they initiate a cultural shift that will no longer look upon the exploitation of women and girls as acceptable. They provide networking, information and links to resources related to anti-trafficking.
Women Living Under Muslim Laws provides a wide variety of information and publications, including Occasional Papers, related to women's diverse experiences and strategies in Muslim contexts.
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