Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF-Haiti)
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF-Haiti) provides aviation assistance to isolated peoples, mission teams, and non-governmental organizations in Haiti out of love for the Haitian people and for Christ.  They have 3 planes serving approximately 14 runways and help with cargo transport, medical evacuation, team transport, geological surveys, non-medical evacuation and more.
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God has blessed the program
This summer a new rectangle of concrete was poured that connected the hangar floor to the nearby ramp. This has been a great improvement for daily operations around the hangar. Electricity was brought in to connect the relocated hangar to the airport grid power and this is saving our generator a lot of wear and tear. A new bathroom and shower were built this year, and other drainage projects were completed. This summer one of our planes, HH-LLS, had an upgraded transponder installed that has ADS-B information broadcasted which is a safety improvement. Airplanes continue to save many hours of travel over rough roads and get people where they need to be quickly and efficiently. The staff continue their efforts to serve the missionary and development communities.
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