College of Adaptive Arts
1401 Parkmoor Ave., Suite 260 San Jose, California 95126 USA
The College of Adaptive Arts is committed to creating an innovative college of the arts for students with disabilities. With a wide array of classes, such as performing arts, songwriting, health and wellness and language studies, their San Jose, California campus provides an environment where students can flourish and thrive and continue to push the boundaries of their potential in order to live a full and empowered life as successful, contributing members of the community.
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Janice Varvell
Tenderfoot (Supporter)
There is no other organzation of this kind in the Bay Area or in Northern California. If not for this organization these challenged students woudl not have the stimulation and encouragement they need or order to be "whole". Great video online describes them best!
Ace (Supporter)
I love that this organization supports adults with a variety of disabilities to learn and grow as people. They offer amazing classes and programs. You should check this out!
Visionary Awards Luncheon - Inaugural Signature Event :)
College of Adaptive Arts is hosting its Inaugural Signature Event: The Visionary Awards Luncheon honoring San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo & Xilinx Global Director of Community Engagement, Patty Nation. This is a corporate event - we are reaching out to local business community leaders with ties to persons with special abilities who may like to learn more about the College of Adaptive Arts :)
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