Tammara Fort
I have been in Haiti for almost 3 days (2 full days) and I have already met with 7 nonprofits, have appointments with about 5 more on Monday and Tuesday and have a short list of recommended charities to add to the site. I feel that I could be here for 6 months and not meet all of the non-profits in Haiti! It is an interesting situation, many of the local nonprofits are working on less traditional models and creating social enterprises that create sustainable jobs for locals, while many of the international orgs are still working on an aid based model. That is not a bright line distinction, since Executives Without Borders is international and they create business. It is food for thought for those of us who look at best practices and long-term change. Personally, I think we will always need a variety of different types of aid orgs, but the move towards sustainable, social enterprises certainly seems to be a better method that simply creating an aid based economy. On the fun side, I am once again experiencing the joy of unreliable electricity, and experience I have not had since Kathmandu in 1994. There was a huge storm yesterday and we did not have power for almost 24 hours. In fact, we have had power for 5 straight hours now and that is the longest since I have been here, so I am posting photos while I can!
4 years ago
Janice Varvell
Great job! Stay safe and dry!
28 May 2015- 03:05