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Are you a long-term volunteer for a non-profit organization?  Thank you!!  We at WorkerAnts want to acknowledge the great contributions people like you make to our world.  We also want to encourage you to spread the word about your organization.  If you have volunteered at an organization for a long time we believe there must be something very special about that organization.  So go to your organization’s page on WorkerAnts and tell us all about it.  Your review can encourage others.  Also, be sure to let us know if this organization needs more long-term volunteers like you, if they need short term help or maybe skilled labor (like a veterinarian or an electrician, etc.).

Don’t see your group listed on our site yet?  That is because we grow by referrals!  So tell us about the organization you love.  They get listed at no cost and you are sharing the wonderful work they do with others who can then join in and add their support.  By connecting with each other we can share knowledge and resources to help change our world for the better.  Be a part of that today!

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