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Great Ways to Give Back in Nassau – The Bahamas Crisis Centre

For over 30 years The Bahamas Crisis Centre has provided a safe haven for survivors of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, including ******, child abuse and all kinds of domestic violence issues.  They are the only Crisis Centre serving the Bahamas, and while serving all of the Bahamas may seem an overwhelming task for one centre the only word to describe founder Dr Sandra Dean-Patterson is “graceful”.  She exudes compassion and competence and the more you speak with her the more you realize how amazing her serene attitude is given the number of projects she is managing.

From the centre’s one room beginnings in 1982 where a clinic was offered during one evening and two afternoons a week, Dr. Dean-Patterson has been the driving force behind what is now a 24/7 clinic with hotlines, counseling, victim advocacy and legal aide provided by volunteer psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, social workers and attorneys.  The centre also does community outreach, education and training programs, anti-bullying campaigns, public service programs, and legislative advocacy, in fact they are currently advocating for a constitutional amendment to address gender inequality and discrimination.

The list actually goes on, but it is sufficient to say that the Bahamas Crisis Centre is the heart of a network of people dedicated to ending violence, abuse and, as they say, “Bringing Peace to the Community”.  You can help.  They take volunteers, especially licensed therapists, lawyers/legal interns, and social workers.  Not in those professions or only a short-term visitor to the Bahamas? No worries! You can donate canned food, baby items and formula, books, old cell-phones (make sure they are unlocked and work in the Bahamas) or even bring them a color copier to help keep their brochure costs down.  Contact them next time you are in the area and find out how you can be a part of the solution.

5 years ago