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Great Ways to Give Back in Nassau – Hands for Hunger

Hands for Hunger is a lean, efficient powerhouse of a charity staffed with a few people fiercely committed to ending hunger and solving food insecurity in the Bahamas.  Six years ago after they realized how much edible food was thrown away in Nassau a group of student leaders collaborated with Second Harvest, a food rescue service from Canada, to create Hands for Hunger.


Today, with only three full time staff and some volunteers, this incredible organization works with over 30 restaurants, hotels, wholesalers, bakeries, and farms that generously donate high quality food and their two refrigerated trucks collect and distribute an average of 2,500 lbs. of food a week.  They deliver the food daily to 14 agencies that provide more than 10,000 meals each week to Bahamians and they have more than seven distribution agencies on their waiting list.

Amazing, right?! Well, after I met with Sunny Dhillon, the volunteer coordinator, I realized that this was just the beginning for this organization.  Their current goals are to raise funds to buy an additional truck and hire another driver so that even more food can be rescued and the agencies on the waiting list can be serviced.  They also dream of having a mobile food truck that can take hot food on the road every day to where it is needed.  Like the United States and Canada, there is a surprising amount of working poor in the Bahamas; people who work full time, but after paying rent, utilities and bills end up with nothing in the fridge and struggling day to day with finding a meal for their families.

I love this group and there are great ways that you can help them help others.  Just don’t start envisioning running to their center and passing out food like a Bahamian Mother Teresa (was that just me?). What they need is practical – aluminum pans for the donated food, fuel for the trucks, salaries, and trucks. How sexy is that, you could have your very own food truck! Well you would know you helped buy it, not that your face would be painted on it or anything.  Have some other great ideas? Contact them and see how you can help end hunger in the Bahamas.

5 years ago