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Great Ways to Give Back in Nassau – Great Commission Ministries International. 

Every single local person I questioned about charities in Nassau named the Great Commission Ministries International.  Not by the formal organization name, but with a conversation that inevitably went like this:

Me (a cheerful WorkerAnt): “So, do you know of any good local charities or do you have a favorite one on the island?”

Innocent Bahamian whom I have accosted on the street/ is driving my cab/ sat next to me on the bus: “Oh, well there is this minister who feeds the poor/runs a homeless shelter/ helps drug addicts.  He’s been doing it for years. I think his name is Hanchell, Walter Hanchell?”

In fact this organization has made such an impact on Nassau over the past 20+ years that when I asked one man where the organization was located, he pretty much dropped what he was doing and took me there himself.  Two bus routes later, he walked me into the office and arranged for me to speak with the office manager.  Their official website is still in development, but this organization takes their work seriously when it comes to helping others.  They have a food bank and two homeless shelters, a home for men and a home for women.  They provide more than 300 meals a day, including delivery to the sick and to shut-ins, from their feeding centers.  They provide job skills training, tutoring and after school programs, drug rehab services, a computer lab and much more.  When they say “We Care for the Poor”, they mean it!  Volunteers and donations (including clothes for the thrift shop) are all welcomed.  Just give them a call at 242-325-5801 or 242-328-3140 to see how you can help.

In closing, I want to give a shout out to the man who kindly took me to visit this organization.  His name is Patrick and you can usually find him at Da Fish Fry restaurant.  Swing by and say “Hi,” since we WorkerAnts must stick together.

5 years ago