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The Bahamas Humane Society

Humane Societies around the world have a long and impressive tradition of helping less fortunate animals and The Bahamas Humane Society is a proud contributor to that history.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Percy Grant, the Shelter Manager for the Bahamas Humane Society.  He is quite the storyteller and I was in stiches over some of his anecdotes.  What he does not joke about though is the need for some serious support for his beloved Bahamas Humane Society.  As Nassau’s oldest charity, it has protected, cared for and rescued thousands of animals for over 90 years.  It is still home to over 200 cats, 30 dogs, some donkeys, roosters, ducks and pigeons (uninvited, but who know a good thing when they see it).

The Bahamas Humane Society not only provides housing and care for abandoned and abused animals, it also organizes educational programs, spay/neuter campaigns and extends affordable vet care for local Bahamians, which is often covered by the center if the pet owners cannot pay.  Sadly, a recent outbreak of Canine Distemper reduced adoptions so there are more animals to care for and with the tough economic times there also has been a decrease in donations and funding, including a drastic reduction in the income from their primary donor trust fund caused by reduced investment returns.  All this adds up to a severe shortage of funds (approximately $50,000) and the possibility of the Humane Society having to make stringent cuts in necessary services.

The great thing about the Bahamas Humane Society is that there are many ways that you can help out.  Short-term visitors and cruise ship passengers can swing by to volunteer for an hour or so, take a tour or just stop by and check out their thrift shop.  Longer term residents can always volunteer their time and support, and no matter where you live if you are passionate about helping animals, you can always start a fundraiser for them to help them through these difficult times so that the Bahamas Humane Society can carry on its worthwhile work of helping the islands animals.

5 years ago