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Great Ways to Give Back in Nassau – The Brighter Bahamas Foundation

If you think the best gift you ever received was someone teaching you how to read, then you will love this Bahamian organization.  The Brighter Bahamas Foundation is a relatively new charity founded by a husband and wife with a shared passion for reading.

Jehan Unwala and his wife Kristen are all about creating a culture of literacy and sharing the joys of reading with the newest generation of Bahamians.  Upon the birth of their first child, the Unwala’s doctor educated them about the importance of reading to an infant and they have since made this message a pivotal part of their programs.  They make it a point to visit new mothers to pass along the message and give them a free book.  They also provide free books to pediatricians and are working on an intra-Bahamas network of small-scale, free libraries, a used book distribution project and creating more storytelling circles on the island.

Check out how you can support this organization through books, time or money (whichever you have) by visiting their site or just call them up if you are local.

For the cruise ship crowd, an easy way to support this great organization is to use some of that space you saved in your luggage when you bought that E-Reader and bring some good quality used children’s books with you.  Just contact the Brighter Bahamas Foundation in advance to coordinate where to drop them off.

5 years ago