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Many of you will now have heard of the devastating magnitude 7.9 Earthquake that rocked Kathmandu, Nepal and the surrounding areas of India, Mount Everest, and Bangladesh.   At the time I am writing this they already have well over a 1000 listed as dead with hundreds more missing in the rubble and the death toll is expected to rise significantly.  We have checked and many of the local Nepalese charity websites are offline but there are still ways you can help.  Groups locally and around the world are rushing to coordinate relief efforts and you can assist by donating to their work.  Just a few of them that already have relief effort campaigns posted on their sites are listed below.  It is early days yet though so many more will join this list.  You can search for others at


International Medical Corps UK

International Medical Corps USA

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Save the Children



We strongly encourage you to post on our site anything you know about the above organizations or other groups you are supporting.   Log into the website, go to the home page for the organization you want to talk about, click on write a review, and then chose “I support this organization”.   Then you can leave open comments to us all about your experience donating, what you have learned that group is doing in the country, how we can all help, etc….  Let’s use our Social Network to share with each other the latest insights into what is happening.  Sharing knowledge can help!

As mentioned before many of the Nepalese websites are either down or they have not posted what they are doing yet for relief efforts.  This is to be expected as everyone is actively working to dig people out of the rubble, find loved ones, shelter and food.  As we know more about what is happening with these organizations we will keep you informed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those local to the disaster and their friends and family around the world.   Please join us in helping in any way you can.

6 years ago