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Ergon Ant
Ace has released several new social networking updates to our website!  We have always focused on helping charitable organizations, volunteers and activists to connect with each other and providing information on resources that helping others easier and we believe that the following new features on our site will aid that mission.

  • Social media sharing has been updated.  Members can now share Colony posts and Organizations they ‘Dig’ through a ‘Tell a Neighbor’ function, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

  • Email notifications are now available. (With optional opt-outs now in your settings) Now you’ll know if a Neighbor posts to your Ant Feed, a post is made to the feed of a Colony you have joined, an event is posted to your calendar from an Organization you Dig or have reviewed, someone responds to a review you have posted about an Organization, or you or one of your Neighbor’s has been recognized our the site’s page for recognizing community hero’s — the Ant Hill.

  • Instant Chat functionality has been added.  Members now have the ability to chat live with their Neighbors who are online.   The chat function supports multiple languages & translation, enables you to share photos, handwrite messages, save conversations and more, truly rounding out the social networking platform of the site.

So takes some time to play around on the site and check out these new functionalities today!


6 years ago