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As we look at World Health Day and the issue of food safety this week we wanted to shine the spotlight on a group that is doing something fun around food education.   MercyCorps in conjunction with Warner Bros. has put together a radio drama that highlights the importance of good nutrition.  It is an old fashioned soap opera / serial that runs in Ethiopia once a week on Sunday’s.  The drama features a young man who has grown up in a traditional farm setting and desires to leave home and become a doctor.  It chronicles his struggles with his traditional father, a love triangle between him and two women in the village, and all the ups and downs in the lives of his friends and family.  They broadcast the show in three different regions, each in the local dialect, and feature themes of dietary diversification, eating well during pregnancy, livestock health and more.  The goal is to encourage changes in behavior to improve nutrition for people in rural households.   We applaud MercyCorps and Warner Bros (who did the whole project pro bono) for dedicating time and resources to make learning fun and accessible to people that are not otherwise provided with much health education.  Check out Mercy Corps at

6 years ago