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Ergon Ant

We at WorkerAnts always like to highlight acts of charity and kindness when we find them.   So kudos to the Superior Group corporation who, at a recent HR Convention, had a table set out beside dozens of other companies to help HR professionals learn about their company.  The difference?  Instead of handing out yet another pen, water bottle or iPad they had people help their company give to charity.  They hosted a Wheel Spin where you could land on $25, $50, $75, OR $100.  For each spin they added to the amount their company would donate to the American Cancer Society.  Their total ended up coming to $2,420.00.


So here’s to organizations that think outside the box and give back wherever they can.  We notice and we appreciate it.  Let’s all remember that whoever you are and whatever you do, you can find ways to give back.

5 years ago