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Appreciation for Corporations That Give Back

This weekend I was flying home on Southwest airlines to see my family for the holidays.  For those of you that fly frequently like me you have probably found occasion to read an airline magazine. Since Southwest is my go-to airline for all flights between my family and my home base in San Jose, I have read many of their in-flight magazines. You can learn a lot about the culture of an airline by reading their magazine and Southwest Airlines’ magazine has consistently been one of my favorites due to the warm and friendly tone they maintain and the truly moving human interest articles I have read over the years.

True to form Southwest included an article in this November’s issue that captured my attention, titled “Mission: Recovery”.  The article was about Operation Freedom Bird, a non-profit organization that runs a program called Healing Journeys.  This program flies combat veterans to Washington D.C. free of charge so that they can participate in programs designed to help them heal from the lingering traumas of war.

I admire this movement for finding ways to help out veterans.  At WorkerAnts we also like to applaud for-profit corporations that help non-profits help others.  The marketing, funding and volunteer hours donated by these corporations to charities runs into the billions each year and these contributions enable many non-profits to continue to function.  So kudos to Southwest airlines and the many other for-profits out there who choose to use their resources to help worthy causes.  Now I have talked to people who believe that certain corporations only do good works as a P.R. move or a tax write off, but I also have met enough business owners and other social enterprise entrepreneurs to know that there are for-profits run by people that truly want to give back – not because it benefits their bottom line, but because it benefits people, our society and the world.  That is something to celebrate.

If you know of a great for-profit that is giving back to others this Thanksgiving let us know by adding a comment! And if you are grateful for anything this week you can add it to our gratitude list at

6 years ago