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Sitting around working on a computer does not lend itself to a svelte physique.  Indeed, some of us have become chubby little WorkerAnts while starting up this new venture.  So, over the last few months, members of the WorkerAnts team have been exploring healthy eating habits.  We have looked into pescatarianism, vegetarianism, raw foods, and the urban agriculture movement.  We have been impressed at the incredible work people are doing around the world to create a culture of healthy eating, biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.  Below are some examples of non-profit organizations that are not only contributing to these goals, but are also serving the needy in their communities.

California – The Urban Adamah Fellowship, Uncommon Good, and Veggielution are great organizations that not only help others learn urban organic farming practices, but also focus on community building.  Members of the WorkerAnts team have visited Uncommon Good and Veggielution and will be posting articles on these charities this month as we prepare for World Food Day on October 16, 2014.

Connecticut – Hazon Adamah provides onsite learning programs in organic farming practices, community building, social justice awareness and progressive Jewish learning and living.

Maryland – Future Harvest – Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture (CASA) is a membership organization that promotes profitable, environmentally sound and socially acceptable food and farming systems that work to sustain communities.

New York City – Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project is helping create a food secure urban community through a volunteer run rooftop farm in New York City and they distribute the produce through a local food pantry.

Philippines – The Haribon Foundation is committed to biodiversity conservation through community empowerment and one of their programs focuses on teaching sustainable practices in gardening and agriculture.

Africa – Farm Africa works directly with farmers in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda to train farmers in new technologies, climate-smart approaches to natural resources and marketing.

Australia – Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) facilitates work exchanges on organic and sustainable properties.

For some thought provoking articles on biodiversity, human rights, food sovereignty and climate change you can check out Biofuelwatch and Bioversity International.  The work of these organizations is truly inspirational and they are not alone – you can check out these organizations in our database and tell us about other organizations that you know.  Search our map for the key word “Farm” or look under the “Sustainable Development” category for many more listings.

If you are looking for things you can do to help, think about writing a review in support of your favorite urban agriculture organization, sign up with a heritage seed organization (you can find these in our database too) and plant some heritage seeds in your backyard, volunteer at a local community garden and share the produce with others, or support your local farmers market.  Most importantly, share with us your favorite way to eat healthy and/or help the environment.

6 years ago