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Ergon Ant

Recently I had to root canal and went to Sweden. Seems unrelated, but while in Sweden I went to the Vasa Museum. The Vasa Museum has an interesting exhibit of the remains of the people who died when the famous ship sank. They’ve had scientists examine these remains and share with us what health conditions these people experienced while they were alive. In addition to things like hunchbacks, gangrene and malnutrition most of them had horrible tooth problems. Emboldened by a newfound sympathy for those with tooth pain, I began looking at charities that help with dental issues. Those of us with access to first world medicine don’t tend to think about what it would be like if we just had to suffer with our pain, but these organizations not only understand that, they seek to help solve the problem whether around the world or in their own backyard. Check out these amazing organizations and consider supporting one.
National Children’s Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF)
Dental Lifeline Network
Give Back a Smile (GBAS)

On a related note, this last week has been a special one for us as we took a snapshot look at the country of Sweden through the lens of a few of its charitable organizations. We hope you enjoyed the look and encourage you to continue to explore Sweden and other countries as possible places to visit or connect to charities. We also invite you to visit a new Colony on our site called “Loitering”. This Colony gives great travel advice to people going it a variety of places and there is a special post about Stockholm for us in honor of the Workerants’ trip to Sweden. Check it out today!

6 years ago