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Ergon Ant

While in Sweden we got the chance to go to Katthem, a wonderful local cat shelter and adoption service in Stockholm. Sweden does not provide government funding to animal shelters so Stockholms Katthem is run entirely by volunteers on local donations. They offer medical services, take in strays and help cats find good loving homes. We enjoyed talking to the volunteers at the shelter and loved how spacious and sunny the cats’ area is with the large individual pins that all have great toys and climbing posts. The cats themselves all looked very happy and comfortable at the center. If you love animals we encourage you to support your local shelters and if you are going overseas, why not do what we did and check out a local facility? You might be able to bring some great ideas home, find a new organization to support or just meet people from around the world that are passionate about the same things you are. That is always a nice idea.
Check out Stockholms Katthem on WorkerAnts

6 years ago